Dance and community project

We look upon this project as a life in itself. A life divided in three important parts – Play, Relations and Work. Play as in new perspectives and learning, Relations as in love, hate and all in-between and Work as in passion and habits. These three subjects will be the very base of the project; of how we move, how we work and how we meet the spectator.

Choreographer| Disa Krosness
Performers | FREEcollective / VAPAAkollektiivi: Maija Ikonen, Maria Kananen, Terhi Kuokkanen, Sini Repo and Outi Yli-Viikari
Music | Ulfur Eldjarn
Light design | Jenni Pystynen
Costume design | Susanna Suurla

Premiere Wed 25/1/2017, 7 pm at Kanneltalo Cultural Center, Helsinki.

Fri 27/1/2017 at 7 pm
Sat 28/1/17 at 3 pm and 7 pm.

Collaboration with Theatre director Maria Hyökyvaara & Malminkartano Community Theater is preliminary scheduled after two shows: Fri 28/1 at 7 pm and Sat 29/1 at 3 pm.

The project will be devloped in Iceland, Sweden and Finland with premiere in Kanneltalo January 2017.





With support from Nordisk Kulturfond, Kulturkontakt Nord & Konstnärsnämnden


KKN_lo-res_dk                            konstnarsnamnden



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