We are finally here, at the final runway towards the premiere Jan 25th. We started out with a sum up of where everybody is at in their lives and what expectations we have for this working period. Then we spent the afternoon working, making new movement material!

Suski presented how she thought about the color palette for the costumes. The pictures was given to her by Jenni who took them on Iceland.


Going back to lovely Reykjavik! Dec 4-13


We worked in the studios of Dansverkstæðið and this time the focus was Relations. We based the work on text, music and movement.

We got help from you to form this project at our Speed Date session at Nordic House.
Dec 10th at 17.00. Read more here

Finally, we had a showing at Gym & Tonic, KEX with Úlfur Eldjárn at Dec 11th at 20.00


First week, Zodiak, Helsinki Aug 8-13
Theme: PLAY

The first week was intense, but playful. We look forward to perform this work-in-progress at STOFF– Stockholm Fringe Festival, October 8th at Teater 3.


Performance time
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16:30 – 17:30, 08 October 2016


Meeting in Helsinki
June 16, 2016

We received the happy news that the project is funded by KKN (!) and we can finally make concrete plans for this project.

Disa flew from Stockholm, met with Jenni Pystynen (light design) and Susanna Suurla (costume design) and together with Sini, Maija and Outi (And Terhi on Skype) we had ourselves an all-day plan meeting.


We visited our premiere venue, Kanneltalo culture centre, in Kannelmäki area outside Helsinki.


A networking/performing/working trip to Island
October 2015


So we went to Reykjavik to meet with the wonderful composer Úlfur Eljdjárn to discuss our collaboration between music and movement. We also met with with Tinna and Olöf from Dansatelier to discuss the opportunities for recidency in their lovely studios at Dansevaerksed.

IMG_9727 IMG_9728 IMG_9735 IMG_9706

After one full day of workshoping in Dansevaerksted Saturday we performed in front of our very first audience at Mengi.


IMG_9830  IMG_9881

It was a great experience an we where lucky to get an engaged and focused audience. We feel very lucky and gratful to have been so warmly welcomed by Tinna and Olöf at Dansatelier and Indra at Mengi.