Texts&Poetry – on Relations, Work & Play

ISLAND & texts on the theme RELATIONS

There will be a hand that keeps on holding

In May two of them escapes

Has somene sat on you without pants?

Someone ran through the wall and not a single bone was broken.

But surely, it has a twin, because I am looking at them both.

She’s the anatomy of Tutankhamun

Me and my grave would be the biggest sight in the world

I’m human, just like the rest of the 7 billion

There is an opera in the back seat of a car

You are made from something familiar

I should probably make eye contact.

From a future livingroom 1


Being afraid of water doesn’t keep you from being a sailor.

Electricity in the air

From a future living room 2

He can also change

She probably doesn’t know the concept of a horse


My knees are ok with the rest of my body


I am a bridge maker

What will it be?


STOCKHOLM & texts on the theme of PLAY…& other reflections

We consist of parts we consist of fur and liquids

Sleeping karaoke star

My life at the moment

Work/Play- the first week

Suski speaks about the STOFF experience


On emotions and dance

Physical work


Moving through emotion