From a future livingroom 1

I hear laughter coming from a future livingroom. The sofa is green velvet and there are at least two cats present. There is a wish for petting the fur.

I feel sweat pouring from a future bedroom. The bed is not making a squeeky noise from its metal frame.

I see sunlight pushing through clouds in a future kitchen where the pancaces always turns out perfect, golden brown, yellow, smell of safety and strawberry jam all over on plates that match the wallpaper in an ”accidental” yet perfectly planned way.

I feel the wind from a future garden on my face. It’s fall and I love being there. In fall. In love. In future lovely lillies purple and blue and no allergies that make you sneeze.

I open my eyes and now…
It is
I feel…
I am just about to…
I…we. Hm.