Play/Work-the first week

Wow, what a start we had! In one rehearsal week in Helsinki we planned a whole performance which we will perform on October at Stockholm Fringe festival. With just a week’s rehearsal that’s not quite the normal situation and in the end of the week I came more and more aware that I’m really going to perform this in front of the audience. For me it felt very intensive (…well, probably it was intensive for all of us…) and although the theme which we were going through was Play, I suddenly started to feel a bit more pressure than playfulness…

Overall I enjoyed working with the theme Play. It gives you certain kind of energy if you start your day for example running and shouting “Who is afraid of the octopus!”. Grown-up people should definitely play more: they have already walking meetings, why not starting a meeting with some kind of a game… with a tag! What a energy it would give, yeah!

I also enjoyed working with our choreographer Disa (Krosness). After this first week I have a feeling that we will have a very nice working period. She’s is energetic and funny, but in the same time very exact and pumps up my creativity through her assignments 🙂

In the end of the week we really got some kind of a script for the performance in Stockholm. I decided to be open for changes which can still appear in Stockholm just a day before the performance. And also not take too much pressure of the performance. Overall we have had six days rehearsals before our performance there. The journey towards our premiere on January 2017 has just begun.