Relationships – a bit hazy but hopeful

On relationships
They are fluid. We meet each other in needs; create new needs, fulfill existing ones. Relationsships are inspiring. They create new fantasies and wishes. To go somewhere together. To create something new. To learn more about the other, create an image you can reflect yourself in, in order to expand. Relationsships are demanding. Because of all the above. Demanding isn’t necessarily bad.

On our relationship
What I learned about you can be compared to scattered dots of an oil painting of a vast landscape.
You have given me one color here, one there. Enough to get a feeling of the nuances and of the depth, but nothing close to a complete image.
I realize that when handing over a dot to someone, it feels like you hand over larger parts of a picture you yourself see very clearly in your mind.
To the other person it’s just a dot. And even though it is beuatiful on its own, it’s only a dot.

So what do you do with dots? You draw the lines between. You connect them with the help of your own experiences, your own life and emotions. And you try to understand.
And then you realize this is selfish, speculative and not very realistic. And you let it go again. And the you’re handed another dot…

I want to know you, as you are.
-That is a wish and not a demand.

I want you to know me.
-That is a need, and not really a wish. Nor is it demanded.

I want you by my side now
-That is a wish that has no time plan, and I don’t know if it will be true a week from now.

I don’t know what your wishes are, what your needs are. I don’t know what your landscape looks like, but my feeling is that it’s an open green field in the early morning, fog rising from the ground. Late summer. A single tree with big leaves and apples on the ground. A bit hazy but hopeful.