She’s the anatomy of Tutankhamun

She’s in a large bed turning from her back to her stomach and back to her back again. During one of the times she turns around to her stomach she takes out her rifle and shoots. She represents Norway in the biathlon. But in her fantasies, she also pretends to be something else. She’s an Egyptian treasure. She’s the anatomy of Tutankhamun, laying on her back on the bottom of a pyramid structure.


She rolls onto her stomach again, this time pondering on what she could become. She appears to be laying on her side I a dance studio. She tries to transform into a he. She imagines herself as a male dancer, and it’s very difficult. Feeling her body against the cold dance mat, wonder what he would experience differently. Would his structure feel more framed, somehow? Would his body mass be heavier? Where in the body does gender take place?