Sleeping karaoke star

Bildresultat för spotlight microphone

Before our Stockholm rehearsal and performance period I had decided to make this trip somehow “unstressed” for myself. I knew that we would have a quite tight schedule but I decided to try to enjoy everything and live in the moment. Actually this was my first time as a mother that I was away from my child so many days and that made my trip even exciting.

The performance came quickly and there I was. In front of the audience. Honestly it felt at the same time exciting and strange. The lights blocked my view to the audience and the performance came kind of more “real” than I expected. After all this was a “work-in-progress”.

I stand in a light spot, a microphone in front of me and start to tell my little story. I feel that I need to be very careful what I say and how I say it. I enjoy the moment but in the same time it feels strange. I can´t help it. The Performer rises from me.  I would like to sing. But I have the task to tell the story. And I can’t even sing… But somehow would love to use the star moment there…

Hmm… This makes me wonder if the microphone and the light made me felt like this or do I have a sleeping karaoke star inside of me…