Inviting the viewer


We divide our working periods into these three themes, as starting point and as artistic inspiration for the work. During all of these working periods, we will collect material in writing, voice/sound recordings, film and other, to use in the creative process of this project.

Sweden– Play
August 8-13 & October 5-10, 2016
Parts of Life will perform in front of its first swedish audience October 7th, 2016, as part of STOFF– Stockholm Fringe Festival. For this performance, we invite costume designer and artist Susanna Suurla to work conceptually, on site, with making costume for this performance. The theme being “play”, we will somehow invite the audience to join us for a playful event. This will all be worked out in August during our first workshop period in Helsinki.

Iceland – Relations
December 2-13, 2016
We invite the people of Reykjavik to join us for a speed date where we tell personal stories about relationships, and the we ask them to do the same. We record and process these stories to be a part of our public showing in Reykjavik by the end of the recidency.

Finland – Work
January 7-27, 2017
We will work with the Work theme and together with the local Community Theater group Aikuiset naiset ja Petri and director Maria Hyökyvaara on the themes of the whole Parts of Life piece. The Community Theater group will present their live acted comment on Parts of Life in the actual performances